Nature Walk Kauai
PO Box 1028
Waimea, Hawaii, 96796, United States
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Come make a connection with the land

Hike, backpack, camp, and surf with Nature Walk Kauai. Clean, well made specialty tents make all inclusive trips enjoyable and keep you traveling light! Stay in our grand tents or book an ultimate challenge backpacking tour with Nature Walk Kauai. We also have surfing lessons for our ocean enthusiasts with up to date surfing boards made specifically for beginner and intermediate surfers.

Nature Walk Kauai is the globetrotters guide to outdoor activities on Kauai.

Check out our amazing Outdoor Adventures! Hike, surf, and camp with Nature Walk Hawaii, we provide quality gear and expert guides.

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Your Guides

Our amazing team of activity leaders are experienced interpreters of culture and nature known as naturist . Your naturist guide will share insight into Hawaii's culture, wildlife , ecology, secrets of ancient rites, and rarely heard oral tradition. Naturist guides can show you edible fruits growing along the trail head and native Hawaiian plants. Hear the ancient fables of Hawaii that reveal how this land came to be. Under the leadership of an experienced naturist guide you can have basic knowledge of our outdoors and necessary safety measures while exploring the area. Nature Walk Hawaii has a stringent recruiting and training process making guest services our number one priority.

Our Gear

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Backpacking and hiking on our island is a breeze when you chooose Nature Walk Hawaii. Add our equipment and food package for clean, well made gear making trips enjoyable and keeps you traveling light.


Day hikes are catered and include a trail side brown bag lunch with your choice of:

  • Ham, roast beef, pastrami, or turkey sandwich
  • Brownie or cookie
  • Potato salad or macaroni salad
  • Bottled water
  • Diet coke, coke,sprite, or coconut water
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